Tuesday, June 14, 2011

June Update

Hey all! :D I'm leaving on my trip to the UK tomorrow! (My god, has the beginning of this month flown by!) London and Edinburgh, here I come! >:D

As for travel pics, I realize that on a self-guided walking tour of a city, there will be a lot more opportunities for photographs, so I have decided that a limit on how many pictures I post is necessary. I will figure that out when I figure out how many I take per day... D:

I wanted to get the progress pictures of Cousin Miso's Soup-Head up, but I ran out of time. D: They will be posted either while I am away or when I get back. (As I have the photos all uploaded in a saved draft, all the post lacks is formatting and text.)

I got a laptop! :D Mostly for backing up pictures while I'm traveling and for note-taking next year. Just a small netbook, nothing big (or heavy!) and flashy. I had a heck of a time setting up Skype today. I don't know, but for some reason it just didn't want to work. >: /

When I get back I will be starting on my next cosplay, so look forward to that.

In other exciting news: I have table space at FanExpo!!! >:D Still trying to decide what I should make, probably a couple owl bags, aprons, headbands, and hair clips. All sewn items, basically. If you see me there, be sure to say 'hi'!

Also, I got a haircut! :D It looks fabulous! I will hopefully have a picture up soon... I got it cut quite short again, with an undercut! A small one, not shaved, just buzzed, so nothing too adventurous. I wanted to make sure it looked good before going too extreme. ;D How sensible of me!  I went to Cooney for Hair  again, even though my hair stylist has returned to Japan. They gave me a guy named Yuya who spoke very little english. I was a bit worried, but he (unlike all the dudes who have cut my hair so far) managed to take my completely terrible explanation of what I wanted, and turn it into a short, funky but still feminine haircut. :D  I will certainly ask for him again!

I downloaded all of the Pogo tracks I like today! :D It only took me like 2 years of procrastinating to finally sit down and do it. (And they're free, so I don't know why I didn't do it before...) XD

Anyway, still lots to pack! XD Better get to it!

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