Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Owl Bags V2 & Bowtie Hair Clips

 Hey all! A quick post on some of the things I sold at FanExpo this year! Read my remarks carefully, as some of these items are still for sale!

All my items are, of course, handmade, and have plenty of blood, sweat and tears put into them. :D And did I mention they're all one-of-a-kind?

I sold these charming Owl bags at our table--Sweet Geeks--at FanExpo! All of them are fully lined, machine washable, and utterly adorable. :D  They go for 50$ apiece.

Sweet Geeks now has a Facebook group! Go and like us on Facebook! :D!/pages/Sweet-Geeks/259643404065978

These two gray ones are essentially the same, but I used different buttons for the eyes. Both sold fairly quickly. The white one (or light gray one, as some people refer to it) sold first, and very quickly. I really liked the stark contrast on this bag, with the electric, bright eyes. :D  I also remade the original bag, as I still had the fabric for it and I had so many compliments on it. ;D Unfortunately, that fabric is all finished, which makes me very sad...

^This is probably my other favourite from this batch of owls. :D I was able to find a light fabric in the exact same pattern as the rest of the bag! :D The paisleys were not as well received. I am told that people generally don't like paisley. Personally I think that this particular paisley is quite nice, but the problem might be that it is pink...

<-This lovely owl was not sold at the convention and is still looking for a home. Contact me if you are interested in purchasing this great bag! ;D

Now we are getting into my hair clip bow ties. They are awesome because they can be worn as hair clips OR bow ties, so long as you have a button up shirt, you simply clip it on. :D

They sold for 12$ apiece, simply because of the sheer amount of hand-stitching required for these. And to help make up for the loss on the owls (which I don't get paid minimum wage for my hours on).

There are still still 6 of these left! Contact me, and I will bother to check what colours are left... XD

Next up: my Elegant Mini Hairclips and Steampunk Necklaces!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Photos: Edinburgh, Scotland Day 4

The last morning before I took the train home. I took some shots of the apartment I stayed in. It was too big for me, and made me feel a bit homesick, but it was a great place to stay.

I really didn't like the stairwell, because there was no light switch, so at night I had to fumble with my keys in the dark. And the door was really creaky, so it scared me a lot. O.o

Hey guys! Hope you enjoyed Edinburgh, Scotland! I know I did!

I am going to take a break from posting trip pictures to post some of my FanExpo stuff while it is still recent. But after that, we're back to London (Day 5) and then on to Folkestone!

Photos: Edinburgh, Scotland Day 3 (Part 2)

I was lucky to get a nice break in the weather and get some shots of Edinburgh in the sunshine! :D

That is St. Giles Cathedral, which is the main, big cathedral in Edinburgh. And I got to take pictures inside. :D

What a stunning space with the light streaming through the stained-glass windows.


I took another stop on my Harry Potter Pilgrimage, to the Elephant House, a cafe where JK did some of her early writing. They say 'birthplace', but it is said that she came up with the actual concept while on a train. Still, the view of Edinburgh castle is inspiring enough to make anyone want to write about a boarding school full of witches and wizards. :D

I ate some inspiring food... but I didn't end up writing a novel. Or series of novels.

That's the legendary view. Pretty sweet. :D   ^

<The local costume shop... I like that Gollum is the DJ for 'Fellowship of the Funk'.

These guys took their cash register out of their store and were shaking about for some unknown reason... I took a picture because I am weird. And also a tourist.

Next up: Edinburgh, Scotland Day 4