Tuesday, December 6, 2011

10th Doctor - Wig

Hello all! Here is a quick look at how I made my 10th Doctor wig.

Re-creating David Tennant's iconic, gravity defying locks is no mean feat for an amateur at wig styling. As an amateur with limited funds, styling can only go so far. And so any wig for a character with really short hair is very difficult to pull of without it looking terrible. I managed a decent job considering. And actually received a few compliments on it. (Someone even asked if it was my real hair, which was weird because it is fairly obvious that it is a wig... O.o)

As always, the most important part of styling any wig is buying the best, closest base wig you can find. Which can be hard. Because most wigs are bought online. Ordering from a reputable cosplay store is one thing, but when you order from an ebay seller who lives in Asia (No offense) it can be a complete crapshoot.  Like mine was.

This is the wig I ordered. Because I figured that it had enough lift in it already that it wouldn't be too hard to get it to defy gravity and that I could easily style it to look more like I wanted it to.


And then I was like...



But I was out of time to buy  new wig. So I resigned myself to do the best I could with what I had.

My wig studio: a stool on my front lawn. Wig head duct taped to the stool.

My tools: sharp scissors, pins, comb, and hairspray. I use 'got 2B glued'. It works pretty well.

First I combed out the wig, and then pinned it in place on the head.

Then I divided the top section that I wanted to spike. I also trimmed the emo bangs and shortened the back. 

I started at the crown and worked my way to the front: pulling the hair straight up and spraying the base of it. I held that in place until it was mostly dry and then repeated the process with the hair in front of it.

This wig actually did have some of the lift that was shown in the product image, it just wasn't apparent when I first took the wig out of the package. It needed a bit of styling to stick up properly.

I shaped the 'sideburns' as best I could, knowing that it wouldn't be perfect because it is not the best wig.

This wig looks best from a 3/4 view, as you are able to see the styling better, and the sideburns look less... wig-like.

Overall a good attempt at this wig. I was really satisfied with the result (especially considering the starting wig).

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