Thursday, March 24, 2011

Photos: Mt. Rigi, Switzerland

We took an afternoon excursion to Mt. Rigi. Still cloudy, but it gave the pictures great atmospheric perspective, and in spite of it we were still able to see quite far.

The train station.

Mum taking pictures as usual. :P

We got off the train at the top. What an amazing view!!! The was still just a small walk to the real top

I love this picture! XD It was so windy up there!
(She will probably kill me for posting this!)

Many people had difficulty walking up the slippery slope.

It was even windier up at the top! Everyone was nearly blown away.
Very perilous taking pictures at the edge near the flimsy railing. 

The mist clinging to the valleys was breathtaking!

There were some crazy people tobboganning down the mountainside!
Very dangerous! And some even had small children with them.
No doubt they are teaching them to be fearless future Olympic Skeleton
 competitors! (It's like luge, but head first. Yeah. Not scary AT ALL.)

I know it means cable cars, but every time I saw this sign
I giggled. :D

A bit high up to be suspended by a cable, right? XD What
 bothered me more was that there only seemed to be 3
posts suspending us for the entire trip down the mountain.  

Our cable car.

Next: Lucerne at Night!


Photos: Lucerne, Switzerland (Day 2)

This is a huge photo dump, so be prepared! XD

We spent the morning wandering around Lucerne, taking in the sights. It was chilly, and overcast, but the sun tried to peek though the clouds at a few points during the morning.

We had mass in this church (in German!) that evening.

WHAT IS THIS?! Is it a badger or a really bizarre looking lion?

The Dying Lion Monument

We went inside this church, but I didn't take any pictures because they were
 having mass.  It was quite beautiful though!

At this point, mum and I ditched the group, who were going back to the hotel for an hour, to explore on our own.

It looks so swiss! 

A seagull in Switzerland!
Giraffes? What do they have to do
with anything?!

Cutest store ever!

Up next: Mt Rigi!