Friday, March 11, 2011

March Update

Hello everyone! Lots of great projects coming up in the next few months. :D Especially as I have a portfolio interview for Performance Production @ Ryerson on April 5th. Lots of stuff to prep.

I'm applying to get a Crafter's Corner Table at Anime North this year with a friend of mine, so hopefully that works out. I'll let you know.

I am leaving for a trip to Europe today, so I won't be posting anything for a little over a week. But I will be posting plenty of pictures when I get back. You can count on it. Definitely.

I finally got a haircut, and dyed my hair orange. It looks awesome! :D I'll post some pictures when I return.

I have to do a sewing test for my application to George Brown's Fashion Design program when I get back. Definitely an easy pass! >:D

Still haven't posted any of my work in my sketchbook... :/ I'll do that soon. They're piling up. I only have 4 pages left in my sketchbook. XD I'll be sure to post the best ones.

Here's some preview (teaser) pics of the next 2 projects!
Aaaand that's all you get for now! Are you excited? :D I know I am.

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