Sunday, July 31, 2011

Photos: London, England Day 3 (Part 2)

As soon as I exited St. Paul's it had clouded over! I was so lucky to have had the amazing sunny weather I did when I was at the top! What good fortune! :D

Looks like the Death Eaters might attack. Better take refuge in the Tate Modern!

Spent some time in the Tate Modern looking at art. I had impeccable timing, as not 10 minutes after I went inside there was a torrential downpour. XD

And then it was sunny again. >:D

Went over to Chinatown to find some food.

I found a cute Japanese restaurant. Because I was missing out on asian food. XD I had some really good teriyaki, but I didn't eat any sushi, because sushi is crazy expensive in London!

That's where I ate. I recommend it! It was very nice!

I was like TINTIN?!?! Omg! I saw the trailer for this movie and it looks AWESOME!!!

It always amazes me what names they have on the souvenirs when they never have mine! D:< 'Imogen' and 'Freya'?! Not that they aren't awesome names...

After the show, I took some night shots on my way back to the tube. Phantom of the Opera was AMAZING! I seriously recommend it! Costumes we really cool, the set was quite great. And they actually raised and dropped the chandelier! (Controlled drop obviously.)

Next up: London Day 4!

Photos: London, England Day 3 (Part 1)

Day 3 I started out a little later. The weather was beautiful and warm! :D

I headed over to Leicester Square and picked up last minute tickets for that evening's showing of The Phantom of the Opera.

I explored Piccadilly Circus a bit. Locating the theatre before I started touring other parts of the city. (So I would be able to find it later that evening. XD)

Took the tube back over to St. Paul's Cathedral and decided that I would climb to the top while the weather was nice.

Here's some cops, and here's some illegal shot of the inside of St. Paul's! XD Hahaha I hope I don't get busted....

If you were wondering why all my pictures are crooked, I was taking them without looking for the most part. XD

I got very few shots from the Whispering Gallery because the guards up there were very observant. Luckily, some other nice tourist was kind enough to catch my eye and position himself in one of the guard's line of sight, which is how I managed the last 2 shots. >:D Thank you kind sir for aiding me in crime! In the end I got told off by one of the guards, who didn't ask me to delete the pictures, so I was glad.

Mr. Cluff was right. Much better view from the top of St. Paul's than the London Eye. Particularly because you don't have to shoot your pictures through glass. >:D

It was so windy up there, and you could actually see the oncoming rainstorm moving in.

My fear of heights did not appreciate this climb. D: Omg I thought I would die. This thin network of spiral staircases led you up in between the shells of the dome. What a space!

From this level you can see through a small spot at the centre of the dome to the floor below.

From the top.

I made it down without too much trouble. Lots more to see today. >:D

Next up: London Day 3 (Part 2)