Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Photos: London, England Day 1 (Part 1)

... Yeah. I am SO behind on pictures... Just got back from Quebec. And the backlog of pictures just continues to grow. Luckily, August is very uneventful until FanExpo, so I have plenty of time to catch up. (And work on stuff! Gah!) I am trying to stick to 1 post per day! Wish me luck! XD

So here's the first half of day 1 in London! Most of the trip was spent in London with 4 days in Edinburgh and 2 days in Folkestone.

I stayed with my distant cousin Janice, and her family who were kind enough to spare me a bed! :D This cut down greatly on the cost of accommodations, as you can imagine. I had quite a lovely time with my family and am very greatful for their hospitality!

Day 1 was technically the day I flew in, but seeing how I arrived around 9:30 at night and didn't get to where I was staying until 11:30 (and didn't take any pictures), I'm going to say that it doesn't really count. Let's call that one Day 0. XD
Man, I really wanted to see that one but it was all sold out!
David Tennant and Catherine Tate in the same play?
I never thought it would be possible!

I started my tour walking around Leicester Square, it was very rainy. And under construction.

I walked down to Trafalgar Square, where apparently there was some kind of incident going on. O.o

As if it wasn't wet enough already... XD

He looks a bit disgruntled.

And this guy's jacket reminds me of my own beautiful orange jacket. 

Sleeping on the job?

The obligatory tourist shot. Hahaha

And then, inexplicably, the sun came out and ruined all my pictures! DX More on that in London Day 1 (Part 2)


  1. We need to devise a new rain gear for photographers costume whereby it somehow clamps to your shoulders to protect your camera and lens without requiring use of your hands! Gladly we did not have the fogging problem in Beijing where it was indeed a possibility!

  2. That would look totally crazy, but it might work. XD The reason we didn't have this problem in Beijing is because although it was very cold and wet, it didn't warm up fast enough to fog the cameras. This weather changed in the matter of 15 minutes. (Although if I remember correctly, we did have a bit of fogging when we went in for lunch?)