Thursday, July 28, 2011

Photos: London, England Day 1 (Part 2)

The sudden change in temperature and the copious amounts of water on (and inside) my camera caused the entire lens to fog up. This caused all my pictures for the next few hours to have a misty effect. Unwanted. D:<

Anyway, here are the best shots.

I continued my walk beside the Thames, which had to detour a bit because of bridge construction. But I didn't get lost, so I was ok.

I kinda wanted one. XD

Went over to the Millenium Bridge (?). There were no Death Eater attacks. Which was good. XD

I saw the Tate Modern, but didn't go in on this day.

Got some outside shots of St. Paul's. But again, didn't go in. I didn't think I could handle that many steps and I didn't want to do it with my camera all messed up. Even if it was sunny.

Love this shot! :D

Stopped for lunch. Had beer battered mushrooms and calimari. >:D

Reminds me a bit of OCAD? XD

Went back over to St. Martin in the Fields and then spent some time in the National Gallery. I eventually found the art I actually like, meaning the portraits, rather than the religious art. I like the portaits because I like to look at period clothing, and the details and realism is always amazing on those pieces. :D

Looked around the area a bit before making my way over to meet Janice after work. :D

I liked these mushrooms on top of the houses. (Near Archway stn.)
I was so tired I could barely stay awake. But I pushed myself to stay up as late as possible so as to fix my body clock. XD It was a great day, I saw a lot of stuff, and did a ton of walking. But I don't recommend following this route on your first day when you are jetlagged... I'm an idiot for thinking I could do this, and as a result I was so exhausted the next day I hardly did anything at all. XD

Next up: London, Day 2


  1. Nice shots! Love the chimney one too! Where was the building that looked like OCAD? It must be new as I don't recall it from 2008 and must have walked the same route. Looks either like Alsop or David Adjaye who did some libraries (they call them IDEA Stores to trick young people into entering).

  2. It did look new, but it was near the Southwark tube station, and I don't think we went over there.