Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Photos: The Final 25!

   These are the best of the best. After much deliberation and toiling through tens of thousands of pictures, I give you the top 25 that made the cut. But I can only have room for 11 pieces in my OCAD portfolio (besides my sketchbook and a few art pieces).  

...What to cut? D:

Many of these were taken on my world travels, over the past three years. The oldest pictures featured here were taken in Ecuador in February 2009 and Egypt in March 2009. I also have pictures from my two trips to China in March and October of 2010. The rest of the pictures were taken over the past 3 months for the purpose of this portfolio.  Click on the images for larger versions. :D

Monday, February 21, 2011

Photos: Chinatown

These were shots taken after my visit with my sister at OCAD.  Chinatown is like my own backyard. :D

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Photos: OCAD

I went to meet my sister for lunch. While I was waiting in the studio I took a few shots.  Still debating whether I should put any of these in the portfolio...

 I found a cool sculpture a student was working on! Really neat!

Owl Bag

This is a bag a made using a pattern I found in the Hallowe'en section.  It was a little extra that I missed the first time I saw the picture in the pattern book. The pattern was for these wacky looking owl costumes, and so at first I laughed, and then I spotted the most adorable bag! I had to have it! :D So I bought the pattern.

And a couple months later I actually made the bag.  (Maybe someday I'll make the owl costumes too...)

I finished the bag earlier this week, but hadn't had time to post it. Here are the progress shots from start to finish.

Normally I wouldn't match green with yellow and burgundy, but it seems to work here! I thought that red made him look too evil, green makes him look more cute. :D

I REALLY like this bag! It fits my sketchbook perfectly. I am planning on selling a few of these at Anime North (at which my friend and I are going to get a table).  Would you buy one? :D