Friday, February 11, 2011

Pleated (Papertowel) Skirt

  Just kidding! It is in no way made out of papertowel! The fabric is just a bit misleading.  This is a skirt I made for fun in december.  I used it in my Fashion portfolio for Ryerson.

It is a modified pattern.  It is a pleated skirt with a waistband and a zipper up the back.  I made matching bows for it too.  There is lace around the bottom to make it more fancy! :D The blouse I found in Kensington for cheap. Yay for vintage!

The pattern is hexagonal and quite faint, so my sister told me she thought it looked like paper towel. >:(  I don't think so. But the name stuck.

These shots are from my outdoor photoshoot in this outfit. It was too cold to remove the jacket that day, so the skirt cannot really be seen. : /  Thanks to Mike and Alex for doing this photoshoot in subzero temperatures! I appreciated it even if your toes didn't! For pictures from this photoshoot go to:

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