Sunday, February 20, 2011

Owl Bag

This is a bag a made using a pattern I found in the Hallowe'en section.  It was a little extra that I missed the first time I saw the picture in the pattern book. The pattern was for these wacky looking owl costumes, and so at first I laughed, and then I spotted the most adorable bag! I had to have it! :D So I bought the pattern.

And a couple months later I actually made the bag.  (Maybe someday I'll make the owl costumes too...)

I finished the bag earlier this week, but hadn't had time to post it. Here are the progress shots from start to finish.

Normally I wouldn't match green with yellow and burgundy, but it seems to work here! I thought that red made him look too evil, green makes him look more cute. :D

I REALLY like this bag! It fits my sketchbook perfectly. I am planning on selling a few of these at Anime North (at which my friend and I are going to get a table).  Would you buy one? :D

1 comment:

  1. beautiful contrast of the pattern and solid fabric! your craftsmanship amazes me!