Friday, February 11, 2011

WIP: Ginny Weasley Hogwarts Robes

Here are some progress pictures of my Hogwarts Robes for my Ginny Weasley costume.  Everyone hates Ginny, I don't know why. I neither love nor hate her.  She just seemed like the easiest Gryffindor for me to pull off. (ex: if my hair were shorter--and boyish--you can almost guarantee I would be Ron, lol)

I started this set of Hogwarts robes back in October, originally as a Hallowe'en costume, and then I pushed back the deadline to the 7th Movie premiere.  I was able to finish it enough to be wearable, but it was a rush job that I am unsatisfied with. :( I have not had the determination to go back and rip out the hems so that I could re-hem it. The robes are in dire need of some ditch stitching to hold the lining (which is stretchy--bad fabric choice!) to the outer layer.

I apologize in advance for the crappiness of these pics. Low lighting levels, and taking pictures through a mirror that is tinted is just a recipe for disaster.  I also apologize for my horrendous striped socks that are in no way coordinated to my outfit! XD

The skirt is modified from the same pattern as the paper towel one. (I actually made this skirt first!) The blouse and cardigan are from my closet. The robe was especially tricky, as it was not lined in the original pattern. Also I didn't know my size, and ended up making it 2 sizes to big! Way too much extra fabric to deal with. XD I had to ditch the pattern completely and take it in.

The design is based off the original look of the Hogwarts uniform from the first movies.  It's basically my own interpretation.

Thanks to a friend of mine for hooking me up with a wicked Gryffindor crest! The perfect way to complete my outfit!

Unfortunately I was unable to finish in time to to have a decent photoshoot in the autumn leaves.  I thought that the fall colours would make a nice contrast with the black of the robes. Look forward to some completed shots of this cosplay next fall.  :D (I plan to finish it and wear it to the premiere of part 2~!)

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  1. Randomly came across this looking for ideas of Ginny's outfit. I plan on doing her schoolgirl outfit.