Sunday, July 31, 2011

Photos: London, England Day 3 (Part 2)

As soon as I exited St. Paul's it had clouded over! I was so lucky to have had the amazing sunny weather I did when I was at the top! What good fortune! :D

Looks like the Death Eaters might attack. Better take refuge in the Tate Modern!

Spent some time in the Tate Modern looking at art. I had impeccable timing, as not 10 minutes after I went inside there was a torrential downpour. XD

And then it was sunny again. >:D

Went over to Chinatown to find some food.

I found a cute Japanese restaurant. Because I was missing out on asian food. XD I had some really good teriyaki, but I didn't eat any sushi, because sushi is crazy expensive in London!

That's where I ate. I recommend it! It was very nice!

I was like TINTIN?!?! Omg! I saw the trailer for this movie and it looks AWESOME!!!

It always amazes me what names they have on the souvenirs when they never have mine! D:< 'Imogen' and 'Freya'?! Not that they aren't awesome names...

After the show, I took some night shots on my way back to the tube. Phantom of the Opera was AMAZING! I seriously recommend it! Costumes we really cool, the set was quite great. And they actually raised and dropped the chandelier! (Controlled drop obviously.)

Next up: London Day 4!

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