Monday, August 1, 2011

Photos: London, England Day 4

Day 4 I explored Camden Town, with all it's markets with the full intent of doing some shopping. (Or at least scoping things out for a return visit!)

I don't think I've ever seen so many pocket watches in my entire life! :D

I decided not to get any of these shoes.

Kinda wanted one of these panda bags, but no room in my suitcase for anything that big! XD

Lots of wicked looking storefronts. Even the nuns were enjoying themselves.

Awesome chairs! >:D

Dead skin eating fish. Too scary for me to try! D:

I had a crepe for lunch. It looked like it would be amazing, but it was rather disappointing actually. D:

I hung out by the locks while I ate.

They had some really cool punk, goth, EGL, neo-victorian clothes. I was hard-pressed to decide which one I wanted to buy.

I found my jacket's twin! They apparently are still selling this jacket, only no longer in brown like I have! XD

Cyberdog was still going strong. (Although in a different location than I recall?) Lots of really neat, and really expensive stuff in there!

This bird was trying really hard to open this lunch. But no luck. XD

Went home to pack for my train the next day!

Next up: Kings Cross Station, Waverly Station, English and Scottish Countryside

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  1. Ah Camden Town. So familiar.... Definitely could not have done the fish eating feet thing either. I am sure that I would be down to bones!!