Friday, August 5, 2011

August Update

August already?! Time flies! DX

So behind on everything I don't even know where to begin! Got to start working double-time on my projects for FanExpo. And continue posting my pictures, as I am now behind on 2 trips! Sigh...

I went to Quebec this past month with my family. I will post those pictures after the UK.

I was in the music video of some cosplaying friends of mine at the beginning of June, which debuted at ConBravo (I believe). A fan-made production for the song "This isn't Hogwarts". So yeah, if you haven't already guessed it, I pulled out my Gryffindor robes for this! However, I didn't go as Ginny--as my hair is far too short and no longer ginger--but as Ron instead. We had a maroon wig in the closet that worked quite well for an impromptu Ron costume! (Also they needed a Ron, so that worked out quite well!) Be sure to check out the video and go comment if you like it! They worked really hard on it and did a great job! :D (Ron approves!)

A funny story about when we were filming: We were filming on the U of T campus, because it looks kind of like Hogwarts, but there were also lots of people taking wedding pictures, and we were really worried we would be asked to leave. But actually, quite the opposite happened! One of the brides really liked Harry Potter, and asked us to be in a few of her wedding photos! XD While we were posing with her, she raised her bouquet and said, "My wand is roses!" XD

I like her dress. :D So fluffy!

I don't think I make a very good Ron. Too stiff. D: And there's my scarf that I knitted all through grade 12. In class. And no teacher ever told me off. XD (Probably because I was still listening?) And I still have yet to fix the costume... It has gotten more wear out of it than I thought! I never expected to be in a music video! XD

I clearly don't take credit for the pictures, seeing how I'm in them. lol Credit goes to Mike Kowalek. :D You can view the full gallery here:

Went to the Harry Potter Deathly Hallows pt 2 Premiere! Very exciting! It was a great end to a spectacular series! Wore my robes, of course, but it was nameless female Gryffindor, and not Ron. It was quite hot out, I didn't think I would be able to stand wearing a scarf, a wig, and long pants.

Still working on that skirt. It needs a zipper, so I have to make a trip to Fabricland and pick up a few things. The bows are done, and the owl bags are all in progress now. I hope I have time to make everything (including my costume(s?)) for FanExpo!!! Need to order wigs, which probably won't get here in time... sigh.

My bike got fixed! ... And then 2 weeks later the seat got stolen. So I'm back to having no bike again! D,:

Still haven't overhauled my blog. Maybe I'll do it this month? XD

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