Saturday, July 9, 2011

July Update

Hey all! I've been very neglectful of my posting lately! I hope to rectify this in the near future! XD

I will be posting my pictures from my trip to England and Scotland starting today. I had lots of fun and I hope you guys enjoy them! Also, my pictures of AN are up next, though I only have a few from the Friday as my Crow Soldier costume rather inhibited me from taking pictures...

I've been working like mad on my products for FanExpo. I've made about 20 bowtie/hairclips; meaning they are awesomely versatile in that you could wear them as a hairclip OR a bowtie! BD I am planning on making some owl bags next as soon as I figure out my colour combos for the fabrics (I will make one replica of the original owl bag, as I still have enough fabric left to do so, but I am contemplating what other patterns and colours I should try.) Look forward to it! :D

I'm currently making myself a skirt, before I get started on my next costume. I will probably wear it to FanEx on one of the days. :D I am currently trying to figure out the materials I will need for my next costume before start on it.

I've been watching movies like crazy while working on my bows because they require a bit of handstitching, which is rather dull work. I've had a bit of a blast from the past the other day and watched All Dogs go to Heaven, The Land Before Time, The Brave Little Toaster (I highly recommend this one!), An American Tale, etc. XD Some of them are just as good (and as scary) as I remember them, but others (-coughalldogsgotoheavencough-) I wonder why I ever liked them at all. O.o

I've also been having a bit of a Harry Potter marathon. I have re-watched all the movies excluding 5 and 6 (I'm watching 5 tonight) and am re-reading all the books before the premier (which I am not going to, I will go to the movie on a later day. D:) I think I am looking for some closure? Harry Potter has been a huge part of my childhood (I have faithfully followed the series since grade 1), and with the release of the last movie marks the end of that great era. It shall be greatly missed.

And in amongst all these things, I got a job. :D I'm doing custom embroidery on backpacks, towels, blankets, etc. I am greatly enjoying a job that is not customer service at a postal outlet. BD

I've been meaning to do an overhaul of my blog, and change the background, layout, etc. Because what I have right now is quite hideous. If you come back and it looks completely different, don't be alarmed.

And for anyone wondering about Multi footage, I haven't forgotten, I swear!

That's it for now!
Mischief Managed! >:D

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