Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Owl Apron

After a wonderful suggestion from Alex and Mike (who thought my owl bag was a shirt or something...), I have used the pattern for the owl bag as the basis for an apron. I had to modify the size of the owl to achieve more flattering proportions, and designed the bottom part of the apron from scratch. Alex says it looks like he's sitting on the moon. :D I decided to change my original design and ditch the ruffles around the bottom half of the apron. 

I will have another post on the matching hairband at a later time. :D

The initial construction is much the same as the bag,
so I didn't bother to take any pictures of that.  


This is my workstation. :D

I put the joining seam for the tie slightly off centre so that the right foot
could be used to partially hide it. 

The topstitching here was a little bit tricky, with the curve and the
multiple changes in direction.  

The pocket is built in as part of the design.

At this point I tried it on my sister and
decided I didn't like the proportions.
I went back and shortened the owl's body.
It looks much better now.  

My mum made a comment on how I should sell these to Hooters. D:<

I am not amused. 


  1. looool at hooters!
    Great work on the owl! Alex looks cute in it!

  2. hahaha that could work! but seriously you definitely could sell these!