Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Photos: Wintershoot 2

This has been sitting on the back-burner since early February, but I lacked the time to post it until now. I figured I better get on it because the snow's disappearing! XD Let's look back fondly on an extremely snowy winter!

This photoshoot was taken for my OCAD portfolio, and quite a few of these pictures made it to the top 45, and even the top 25 selections!

I went out on a day that was absolutely freezing, right after a big snowfall. For most of the forest shots I was standing up to my knees in snow, with the snow slowly making its way into my boots. D:<

The sky was a magnificent bright blue that day, not a cloud in sight. These pictures are in no way photoshopped to enhance the colour of the sky, it was actually that colour! Amazing! :D

This picture is actually a vertical panorama made from 4 pictures, put together using photoshop. 

I like the warm and cool colour contrast I got in many of the pictures, with the warm brown of the bark, and the cool blue of the sky. :D

They look like mother and child. :D

The bunny trail on this log is the only mar in the perfect snow.

I love the wavy shadow of this straight log. 

That oughta tide you over while I'm gallivanting in Europe. XD

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