Monday, September 5, 2011

Photos: Edinburgh, Scotland Day 2

Carrying on as if there were no lengthy interuptions... Here's Edinburgh day 2!

The weather started off looking not so nice. And then continued to get worse! :/ But I had looked at the forecast to decide which day I would climb Arthur's Seat and saw that this day was scheduled for rain, while the day after was scheduled for thunderstorms. Since I only had 2 days on which I could potentially do this climb, and it was one of the reasons I wanted to come here, I figured I was picking the lesser of 2 evils.

I started the day right in a little Turkish cafe across the street from where I was staying. I had Turkish apple tea. Which is amazing! It is also bright pink! XD

If I had a small child, I would have bought her a beautiful dress. :D But I don't.

Some intersections I thought were intersection on the map were actually over passes. This led to some unavoidable detouring. :/

Hmm... can't see the top. That doesn't bode well. But I continued on none the less!

And so begins the rain and the wind. You can tell because there are water spots on the lens. I apologize but they were unavoidable. D:

These slugs were everywhere and most of them were over an inch long! And very fat too. They also all had a hole in the righthand side of their body near the head. But I don't know what it was for. Breathing? XD

< See those people up on the side of the hill there? They were idiots who decided not to take the path and wound up stuck. I did not help them, partly because the people behind me already were and also because I wanted to get to the top before it started to pour.

Inside the cloud now. Couldn't see a thing!

There were strange symbol on the ground.

The top is within sight!

Yay! I made it! >:D

As I reached the bottom of the mountain it started to pour rain! DX Th umbrella was no good as it was super windy! I am glad I had my rainjacket.

<What the heck are MANSIZE tissues? Someone explain! XD

Grocery shopping in a foreign country is always fun.

I wanted one of those sheep....

It was pouring so hard that water was coming out of the ground...

^When you are in Scotland, there is no escape from plaid. But those shoes were actually kind of cute. :)

Onwards to Edinburgh castle after dropping my groceries at home.

Look at the tiny tweed jacket! And the kilt purse! XD

The weather got so bad after this point and despite of all the layers I was wearing I was cold and wet and decided to pack it in early and not get sick. I went out for a drink in the pub down the street later in the evening (And got ID'd again, bloody hell! D:<) but that was it.
I made delicious buttered chicken for dinner. Mmmm... It was quite tasty!

Next up: Edinburgh, Scotland Day 3 (Part 1)


  1. Nice pics! I think you ought to have bought the nice plaid shoes... Or something significantly plaid. Maybe a tie?

  2. I bought 2 plaid wool scarves? :D