Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Photos: Edinburgh, Scotland Day 4

The last morning before I took the train home. I took some shots of the apartment I stayed in. It was too big for me, and made me feel a bit homesick, but it was a great place to stay.

I really didn't like the stairwell, because there was no light switch, so at night I had to fumble with my keys in the dark. And the door was really creaky, so it scared me a lot. O.o

Hey guys! Hope you enjoyed Edinburgh, Scotland! I know I did!

I am going to take a break from posting trip pictures to post some of my FanExpo stuff while it is still recent. But after that, we're back to London (Day 5) and then on to Folkestone!


  1. Is that a time machine in the third photo?!

  2. Um, no. Just a washing machine. Unfortunately. My suite was not equipped with a time machine, I would have had to pay extra...