Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Photos: Budapest, Hungary and Austrian Countryside

We left early in the morning for our long drive to Budapest, Hungary.

Although I said 'Austrian countryside', my photos are mainly of the industry we could see right off the highway.

Now we are in Hungary.

Those leafy patches on the tree are mistletoe! :D

We took a detour so we could see this beautiful lake. We didn't get to
 stop to take pictures though. I love the aqua colour!

lol segways!

We tried to get tickets to see some sort of show, but no luck. 

Of course I am missing them! DX I love the Gipsy Kings!

The only problem with this room is that the door to the washroom is made
 of glass and so is the wall of the shower stall... What a terrible design
 choice! DX

We snuck out to see the seedy looking train station.

Where is the rest of the child!?

Next up: Budapest, Hungary (Part 2)


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