Sunday, June 5, 2011

Photos: Alex's Convocation

Thought the next pictures would be Anime North? Well you were wrong! XD I wanted to post my pictures from this event while it was still fresh.

My wonderful older sister graduated from OCADU! We are so proud of her! :D The ceremony was last thursday and I took some pictures. It was a beautiful day, if a bit cold, with brilliant sun! Roy Thompson Hall was where the ceremony was held, so I took quite a few interior shots of the building. Enjoy

I had to experiment with the settings a bit. This is one of those times where
 I wish I actually knew how to use my camera to it's maximum capabilities...

Finally her moment of glory has arrived!


We were right in the back row... D:

SO crowded!

Mother and daughter.

Alex's hood.

A diploma ticket. :D

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  1. Lovely! What wonderful DAUGHTERS I have! I can hardly wait til the graduation in few years from Ryerson for you!