Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Photos: Budapest, Hungary (Part 2)

The first day in quite a while that was turning out to have semi-decent weather (ie: no rain). It was hazy, but you could see pretty far, and the sun would drift out from behind the clouds a fair bit. Much better than Vienna. This is our last day before we returned home.

Many buildings had these spectacular tiled roofs. So pretty!

The detail in this church was fantastic! I was itching to take pictures throughout the entire mass! :D

Yeah, that's not dangerous at all! > . >

Hey, those look familiar... someone's been shopping at Ikea.

OMG A MOP DOG! I didn't think they actually existed!!! XD

I love this detail! :D

Next up: Budapest, Hungary (Part 3).



  1. Nice shots.... seems sooo long ago!!! I love the colourful roofs. It is always funny how you have different photos of the same places we visit. Funny, but nice.

  2. I make a point of looking for my own shots as opposed to standing on top of you and breathing down your neck. XD