Thursday, June 2, 2011

Photos: Budapest, Hungary (Part 3)

Part 3 of my day in Budapest. Finally, a place where we were in a city with nice weather for long enough to take a bajillion pictures and not be on the bus the whole day! XD

They took us to another point in Buda that overlooked Pest.  (Buda and Pest were two separate cities on opposite sides of the river that became one city. You can always remember that the Buda side is hilly --like fat Buddha's tummy! XD Even though it was definitely not named for that!

Can you see the big arch? That's the train station we saw the previous day.

Cool building, looks kinda like a whale.

omg I want her jacket! So cute!

We hopped back on the bus, drove over to Pest, and were given free time to eat and shop. :D

Again with the cool roofs.

We decided to go to a nice restaurant and celebrate the last day.

I am trying to make you hungry. Because it's Hungary. Am I succeeding? XD

The restaurant. I highly recommend this place. :D

This looks like the car in the second Harry Potter
movie. Right?

It is amazing the random stuff you see on the balconies of apartments...

We went down to the river.

Look! A post with TWO pictures of my mum! XD

We're in the home stretch! Next up: Budapest, Hungary (Part 4)


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