Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Photos: Neuschwanstein Castle

Hello all! Weather here is terrible, which makes me look back on this beautiful day with longing. DX Sigh.

We went to Neuschwanstein castle in Germany, which is a castle that they used as a reference for the Disney Castle (Wikipedia says Sleeping Beauty's castle, but I was pretty sure it was Cinderella's...). They don't look too similar, as the Disney castle is much taller, slimmer, bigger, and with many more turrets and little pointy bits. And flags. However, the white stone walls, turrets and towers are still very similar.

This is NOT Neuschwanstein Castle. XD

Look at his little pigtails! XD

It was quite a hike to the castle, as it is up on the side of a mountain. But we had a beautiful day for it, so I'm glad.
Here's the real castle.

Neuschwanstein castle was built in the 1800's sometime (I believe) by "Mad" King Ludwig. The castle was never finished. The original plans for this castle showed it to be twice the size of this, with more towers, turrets, rooms etc. This resulted in a number of doors leading to nowhere.

Unfortunately, he spent all his money on this castle, running himself (and his Kingdom I imagine) into bankruptcy. This resulted in his untimely, and mysterious death, in which he was found in the lake (some versions say he drowned others claim he was shot). It is imagined that his family had him done away with after spending all their money (with plans for at least 2 MORE castles in the making might I add!). He never married, and all the rooms were dedicated (and themed) to the operas of Wagner, which essentially makes him the biggest fanboy ever. XD But also that might have been another motive towards his untimely murder death.

What a crazy guy! O.o

Anyway, enough history, on to the photos!

Taken looking out a window in the castle. Unfortunately we weren't
permitted to take pictures of the inside of the castle, which is a shame,
 because the decor was absolutely fabulous.  There are pictures on
 Wiki if you are interested. :D

I can see why you would build a castle on the side of a mountain, what an amazing view!!!

Even though it was really warm, the lake still had ice on it!

Mum was complaining that I didn't post very many pictures of her, but
quite honestly I really didn't have very many good shots this trip. D:

Another shot of the castle in the first picture. This is the 'house' where
 Ludwig was born. I say 'house' in the broadest sense of the term, of course.

A full picture of the castle taken from the bridge. Isn't it spectacular? :D

I really like this shot! Thanks for unintentionally posing Danielle!

You know you want this sexy apron. :D

Next stop: Oberammergau!


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