Saturday, May 21, 2011

Photos: Salzburg, Austria

Well happy super-belated St. Patrick's Day everybody! XD We stopped in Salzburg on our way to Vienna. It was pouring rain. Again. The end of this trip had really bad weather. It really doesn't look like that beautiful little town they filmed 'The Sound of Music' in. But it is.

Mr. Cluff, in his usual St. Patrick's Day hat.

I'm not really sure why this car is covered in fake grass...

Absolutely dreadful weather.

A little stop in the ladies room.

I love this photo. :

He sees pidgeons btw.

They put a glass encasement over the statues to
 protect them during the winter.

What bothered me most about the tourguide here is that she walked us
 halfway up the church, and started to talk about he beautiful church at the
 front for a really long time. When she was done talking, we turned around
 to leave: without having seen the dome!  Mum and I snuck off to see the
 dome, which the rest of the tour group missed.

Last time I left a bag on my bike seat in the rain, some rude person came
 and stole it! And then my seat was all wet! D:<

We continued driving to Vienna. Here a few shots that sum up the drive. 

Next Stop: Vienna, Austria.


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