Monday, May 16, 2011

Photos: Munich, Germany (Part 2)

Wprking frantically on prep for Anime North, but I thought I'd whip off a quick post.

We got back on the bus and were then bussed to various locations around Munich on our sight-seeing tour.

The most bizarrely modern church ever.

It doesn't even look like a church.

The blue glass on the left is the front of the church. At the end of mass the entire wall swings open like two massive doors to let the people out.

Next we went to visit a palace (which I don't remember the name of).

Then we went to the BMW museum.

This was as close as we got to the Olympic site. Frankly I'm a bit
 disappointed we didn't get to see it up close.

I want one!!! :D

I want one!!! :D

Next stop: Dachau Concentration Camp.


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