Saturday, May 21, 2011

Photos: Munich, Germany (Night Shots)

Only got 2 pictures on the first night in Munich that were halfway decent. :/ I was using my stealth camera, rather than my Nikon D60 because of the shady location of our hotel. I was worried if I walked around with an expensive camera around my neck I would increase my chances of getting mugged.

The second night, although our hotel was in Dachau, we bussed back into Munich to eat dinner at the famous Hofbrauhaus. It is a beer hall that is three stories high, and where they only believe in serving litre beers.

There was live entertainment!

My first beer! :D

The food wasn't actually all that amazing for such a famous place, I was
 actually a bit disappointed. 

More strudel.

This is the 3rd floor. This place is huge!!!

Here are some pictures of the hotel lobby in our new hotel. Apparently the Canadian Rowing Team stayed here during the Olympics many years ago... It is called the Safari Hotel. And there were taxidermied animals all over the lobby. A bit creepy actually...

Even the coke machine was leopard
 print to match! XD

Next stop: Salzburg, Austria!


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