Monday, May 23, 2011

Photos: Vienna, Austria (Part 2)

Back off the bus for more fun touring in the pouring rain. My lens kept getting raindrops on it, and I had no dry cloth to clean it with! Everything was wet! DX

I love when statues have water stains that make them look like they are crying.

We got tired of potatoes and went for
 some pasta! >:D The menu came in 5
 different languages. I picked Italiano.
Because the names of italian foods are
 exactly the same in english.

What an amazing palace! Unfortunately this was an absolutely
 'pictures  NO' interior, so I don't have any shots of it. D: It was exquisite.
Beautifully intricate decor.

We went to visit Frood's house. XD (Thumbs up if
 you got the reference! Hint: he hangs out with

I found the TARDIS! The doctor must be around here

More Swarovski Crystal shops.

 Next up: Vienna, Austria (Night Shots)

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