Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Photos: Oberammergau, Germany

After our visit to Neuschwanstein Castle, we continued driving to stop in Oberammergau, home of the famous Passion Play. Every 10 years the town performs the Passion of Christ. The town made a vow in 1634 that if God spared them from the bubonic plague, they would perform the play every 10 years. And I guess they were spared, because they are still doing it! They perform the play in years ending in zero, and have done this routinely for over 350 years (except for 1940). It includes over 2000 actors, singers, technicians, etc to put on this show.

This town is also famous for woodcarving.

The Passion Theatre

The neighbourhood watch.

See that cross? That cross up there? Waaaaay
 up there on that mountain? Yeah, that one.

I think this says: "Bring some asian into your house."

We ate here, it was some of the only food I didn't really like...

Normally, when one orders sausage, they would expect it to be hot. Or at
 least I did. The brown one on the right is made of brains. I'm not kidding.

From what I understood this sign means "No
 having fun!"

All small towns with famous theatres have to have one of these.
 Thats right. A Christmas store!!!

If I were a small child, or had a small child, I would so have bought one
 of these.

Next Stop: Munich


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