Thursday, April 28, 2011

April Update

Hello everyone! Hope you had a good April! Mine was less productive than I would have liked, which is why very few of my projects have been posted... but more on that later! The weather here has been dreadful, which means that all the things I have to do outside have been put on hold. It better get nice soon...

My trip photos have kind of taken over the blog! XD I hope you are enjoying them, and living vicariously through my pictures. If not, I apologize, as there are still lots more to come! I'm trying to cut down on the number of pictures per post, but I find it extremely hard to be that selective! As is, I've gone through more than 2500 pictures already, and as you can see not all of them have been posted! I'm hoping to finish those posts by the end of May/early June.

In other news: I was excepted to my first choice school! :D Ryerson's Theatre: Performance Production Program! Now I get to study on how to make a career out of making costumes! Awesome!!! My interview was on the 5th, and it went quite well! One of my interviewers actually went to my high school, what a coincidence! XD Anyway, thanks for all your support people! I shall be declining my acceptances to other universities and colleges, so I wish the people who get my spots all the best!

As for my 2 projects promised/hinted at in my March update: 1 is finished, but I need to do a photoshoot, the other is at about 65% completion. Those will hopefully come soon. Especially since I am wearing the second one to Anime North this year. I need to buy more feathers... sigh. So expensive... I'm also re-vamping my Viral costume to enter in the Masquerade this year with my sister and her boyfriend. Lots to do!

In other, other news (speaking of expensive!): I'm going to London this June! Long story short: I found out my airmiles weren't going to amount to a free flight to anywhere I want after this summer--meaning that they still would get a free flight, but the amount required to fly to certain international locations was going up. So I had to spend them! XD My original intention for these points was to fly to Japan next summer, but in light of recent disasters, those plans were crushed indefinitely. I'm staying with family in London, which should be fun! And I'm planning on taking a jaunt up to Edinburgh in Scotland while I'm there, but I'm having trouble finding a decent place to stay... :/ We'll see.

My friend and I did not get a table at Anime North this year. We got waitlisted, but I don't have high hopes of a last minute acceptance. I plan, however, to sell some of my hair accessories, bags and aprons on ETSY this summer. (Probably July-August) More on that in later months.

I think that's it for now!

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