Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Photos: Swiss Countryside and Vaduz, Liechtenstein

Here are a few pictures taken from the bus of the beautiful Swiss countryside. It was so sunny, that the windows had a lot of reflections on them. >:/ I was rather torn, as I like the sunshine.  And I will not deny that I slept through a fair bit of the drive, as I was jet-lagged.

SO SUNNY! A shame that some of the nicest weather we had
 was when we were stuck in the bus all day and sleeping off
jet-lag. >:/

It was so flat in between the mountains.

An old building on the hillside.

We stopped in Vaduz, Liechtenstein for a lunch/bathroom/photo break. We only got 40 min. So you essentially had to choose 2.

They look like steps to the mountains! :D

I really like the detailing on this building.

I loved the detailing in the shingles too!

Nest stop: Innsbruck, Austria!


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