Monday, April 25, 2011

Photos: Innsbruck, Austria (Day 2)

Mum had this crazy idea to get up extraordinarily early, skip breakfast and tour the city before the bus left.  Nearly missed the bus, but we got to see the river and that cool bridge in daytime. These pictures were all taken when I was half-asleep and feeling ill. Thanks for putting up with my complaining mum, I'm secretly glad we did this.

And I'll have you know, that many teachers throughout grade-school tried to fix my British spelling of 'Mum', but it never stuck. Because that's what I call her. That and "Mummy". I very rarely say 'Mom'. XD Btw: Today is her birthday! Mum if you are reading this, Happy Birthday!

I like the facade on this building. 

It had a different pattern in the morning.

7 o'clock is TOO EARLY.

I have something against making
mannequins look like they're going to
 break out of the store and murder you.

The sun is just hitting the tops of the buildings.

What I thought was really amazing was
 how clean the streets were! If we had
 pedestrian streets like this in Toronto they
 would be covered in trash.

We probably should have turned around at this point, and gone back, but the bridge was in sight! So close, but so far away! So what did we do? We booted it to the bridge of course!
This was the bridge we went to see the previous night, that
 very few of my pictures actually turned out of. They look like
 sewing needles.

Okay, I said "booted it" but that would imply we stopped for nothing. We still managed to take quite a few photos on the fly.

Duck tracks!!!

We ran back to the bus with no time to spare! (Except to stop at a bakery and buy tasty bread. Because I can always make time for bocchen.)

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I love german signs. XD


  1. Nice photos Sierra :)
    I knew that you were secretly happy for the rushed morning excursion :P
    The wild curved transit station is by a famous female architect named Zaha Hadid.