Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Photos: Lucerne, Switzerland (Night shots)

Hey everyone, I took a short break from blogging while I was putting together my portfolio for Ryerson. I'm back now, so expect tons more pictures, and those 2 projects I promised before I left! XD

These are some of the night shots I took over the 2 days spent in Lucerne. I was mainly experimenting with what settings worked best for nighttime photography.

On the Kappelbrucke

I like this guy! XD

That's the church we went to.

See look, the swans are all still awake

We had our early St. Patricks day celebration here the
 following night!

OMG deliciousness!

I had this delicious strudel in vanilla sauce, and OMG it was

The following night after dinner  (delicious fondue!) and church (in german!) we proceeded straight to a bar to celebrate St. Patty's day! XD

The hotel restaurant

Aren't they cute?! :D

The Hotel Pickwick

Next stop: Vaduz, Liechtenstein and a scenic road trip through the Alps!


PS: I have added a new feature to my blog! There is now a map at the bottom of the page which shows where I've been, lived and would like to go! I still have to work out the kinks though, because it is trying to convince everyone I've lived in Denmark and Northern Ireland... which I haven't. Those are just places I would like to visit. XD

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  1. I think they need to add a feature to the map that is "want really really bad!"

    Beautiful photos Sierra! Funny again how we go to the same place and see it differently. I was so busy in Lichtenstein photographing the modern brick building that I completely missed the details on the older building beside!