Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Sweetheart Sheer Top

Alright, lets talk about this cute shirt! I tend to bring a little sketchbook with me on the subway and draw cool things I see people wearing. This design was based on a combination of things I had seen in various outfits. I wanted to try something that involved having a sheer layer and a sweetheart neckline. Also a collar. This is the result. You can also see how I made the skirt.

I started with a basic block, and drew my desired neckline and armholes onto this mockup. From there I transferred my changes to my pattern.
The pattern ended up looking like this. The front and back were both made of 3 pattern pieces each. The center front pieces were all cut on the fold so that I had no seam running up the center front.

I sewed the bodice pieces together (excluding the center back pair).
To the center back pair I added my zipper before attaching to the rest. I made my adjustments and then finished all the inner seams.

I first sewed my sheers together at the shoulder seam and then carefully attached it at the front to the sweetheart neckline. I finished this seam and top-stitched it down.
Before attaching the sheer to the back of the garment I finished the open edges with a thin black bias tape. Then I stitched these pieces down the same way as the front.

I finished the armholes using more black bias tape.
The last step was to make a collar. This was done with two collar sections. Each section was made of two pieces that were sewn right sides together (leaving the neckhole edge open) and then flipped right way out. The collar pieces were then stitched to the inside of the neckhole, raw edges finished with a zigzag stitch before being flipped to the outside. The collar was then top-stitched to keep it in place and hide the finished edge.

The last step was to add a button and loop at the top of the collar to close the shirt at the back. The rest of the gap was left open. :)

I wore this lovely skirt and shirt combo to my cousin's engagement party! :D

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