Tuesday, October 30, 2012

October Update

Happy Halloween everybody!

Halloween is one of my favourite events because it gives me an excuse to wear costumes in public between the convention seasons! Hahaha This year I will most likely be wearing my Alice costume, provided that the horrible weather doesn't ruin my dreams. I was going to wear Nickel out and terrorize the neighbourhood (because the glowing lights look fantastic in the dark!), but with the impending bad weather we are going to have this week I don't really think it's going to be a happening thing... which is too bad.

In other news: in this month alone I have surpassed 1K hits on my blog! WOW. Thanks for all the support guys! Most surprisingly, almost half of these views have come from the USA!

I have at this point finished the posts on my summer costumes. Now getting really back into school. There will be some more posts coming over the next month detailing some of my personal sewing projects, so look forward to those! ;D

In other rather unrelated news: last month I saw the 25th Anniversary ZELDA Symphony, which was bloody amazing!!!

That's all for now! Mischief Managed!

PS: Don't overdose on candy, dudes!


  1. Halloween?! I've been bloody busy with my bloody work! Bloody hell!
    Enjoy your outing! : D

  2. May I just say:

    Nickel braving the winds of hurricane sandy would have been a photo of triumph. As you stand, claw raised in defiance to the katamari gods as lighting strikes in the distance, and wind knocks over trees.

  3. Yes, but that moment would become significantly less awesome when the circuitry would become wet, short and possibly set fire to a costume that I can't take off without help... Also the rain would warp the board.