Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Cosmo - Wand - Fairly Odd Parents

For the last bit of my Cosmo costume: here's a quick look at how I made my magic wand. It was really simple.

For the photoshoot, go here. ;D For the wig tutorial go here, and for the wings and blouse go here!

Probably the hardest part of the whole process was making the trace of a symmetrical 5 pointed star. I made this piece out of 1/4" masonite. I used a protractor and marked every 36 degrees around a central point (that gives us 10 marks equal distance apart. Because 360 degrees divided by 10 is 36. For those of you who cared about the math.) Then I drew a line from each mark to the center. 5 marks were the points and the 5 in between those were the 'valleys'. I made the distance from center to tip the same for all points. Then I did the same for each valley. By doing this achieved a perfectly symmetrical shape that I could cut out.

Then using my bandsaw I cut into the end of a wooden dowel, creating a groove that I could stick the star into. I rounded out the end of the dowel using some sand paper.

I cut the star out on my bandsaw and sanded the edges a bit so it wasn't so lethal.

I sanded down the handle to smooth it out a bit, so the wood grain would be less apparent when painted.
I painted the star and the handle separately with some spraypaint I had on hand. Once the paint job was finished I stuck the star on with some Weldbond. After it was dry it was ready to go!

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