Sunday, June 10, 2012

Prince - Dress & Shoes - Katamari

 Here's a quick look at how I made Prince's dress. Essentially it is exactly the same process as I made Cousin Miso's dress, except more streamlined as now I had a pattern to follow.  If you are looking for a more in-depth guide on how to make Prince's (or Miso's) dress look here!

Originally, there was no plan to make Prince until 2 weeks before Anime North, once Alex and I decided wearing the Katamari ball would be too dangerous. (Crazy fans might try a roll up and accidently injure whomever might happen to be wearing it.) We figured Prince is one of the easiest, most recognizable cousins we could do short-notice.

We even had green stretch fabric the perfect colour left over from a Link costume we had done 2 years ago. The catch? There wasn't enough left to do the whole costume, which meant we had to find another perfect green stretch short notice! Oh no! D: Finding the right green in a stretch fabric was a quest that we didn't really have time for... But the sleeves absolutely wouldn't work without a stretch.

To remedy this, we managed to find a slightly stretchy green that was almost a perfect colour match to our insufficient green. Using the 2 fabrics we were able to complete the costume.

This costume was made so the 3 different people of different sizes could wear it.

 Here it is pretty much impossible to see, but the top fabric of the sleeve is a non stretch and the bottom fabric is super stretchy.

The tube was attached last, with much swearing. ;D

 Now about those shoes... If you recall last year, for Miso we luckily had a perfect pair of purple shoes on hand. Well unfortunately we only had 1. Running short on time, our solution was to dye some canvas ballet slippers purple using ink. Certainly not perfect, but much better than running shoes.

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