Friday, June 8, 2012

June Update

Hey guys! So I'm back and ready for action!

...Or I would be if my sewing machine weren't broken! D: Good thing this happened after Anime North!

Anime North was a huge success! Our group won a Technical Achievement Award in the MASTER DIVISION. Awesome! So now I am officially a Master level costumer! Time to crank out some really good stuff! Hahaha

Check out our Entry: Katamari Coup D'√Čtat! Timing wasn't our strong suit because none of us could see, or hear... yeah.

Tons of awesome stuff coming up these next months! So look forward to that. Inside looks at our full Katamari group including: Prince, Princess, Nickel and of course the Katamari itself! And yes... I keep saying I will put up my original Jumper up, but I haven't gotten around to taking those finished photos... It will happen... soon...

Otakon is coming up in July, and I am making 2 new costumes for that. :D I am also attending a wedding (which I am currently making my own dress for).

In other news: I got a dress form! Introducing Molly Bobbin the first! >:D

That's all for now! Cheerio! ;D

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