Friday, June 15, 2012

Nickel - Pants & Shirt - Katamari

Alright here's a look at how I mad my shirt and pants for Nickel. Let's start with the shirt.

So I started by patterning the top off of a t-shirt, but I decided I wanted it to be more fitted so I added in seams at the front. I made the back in 2 pieces so I could put a zipper in, same as all the other Katamari costumes.

I sewed the front pieces together, then the back. Then I attached the front and back together at the shoulders and sides.
Yay! Then I put the zipper in the back so I could actually try it on. Not a bad fit. It just needed a little taken out around the arm hole. I didn't have enough fabric to make a full shirt, nor did I want to. The idea was that I would wear a tanktop underneath so that when I was hanging out in the green room I would be boiling.

Then I started to make the fitted sleeves. I took all the measurements and created a sleeve pattern with 1 seam at the bottom. This I then had to translate into a 2 piece sleeve pattern with 2 side seams so I could add in the thumbhole. This was so the sleeves would stay tucked inside the claws without riding up.

I sewed the sleeve parts together. Then I finished all my inner seams for the shirt.

Then I attached the first sleeve, and checked the fit. These kinds of sleeves are harder to put in because you have to attach a circle to a circle. Which means the circumference has to be perfect otherwise it won't fit. :/

Yay! So many pins! And look, somehow the seams on the front of the sleeve and the top matched up perfectly... not planned at all.

1 sleeve, 2 sleeves! :D

Then I measured where the thumb hole should be and picked that part of the seam. I finished the edges and tacked them back.

Then I attached the collar.
Dome fasteners added. And the shirt was done! :D

Now let's talk about the pants. This is only my second time making pants so there was a lot of guess work to be done here. I wanted to make pants with a seam up the front of the legs, but not in a million pieces, so to do that I had to make one piece a 1/4 of the width and one piece 3/4. Even then they still didn't line up quite right... >:/

I cut out the pieces and sewed up the front seam, then the side seams. Then I put one leg inside the other and sewed them together.

Pants! :D Except that somehow I made them too big... >:/  So I took them in a lot from here. Then I added a waistband and a zipper. Once they were hemmed, they were nearly done.

I sprayed some extra hex nuts grey and had a friend hand stitch them on up the front seams of each leg. The added detail helped bring the whole costume together. ;D
I love this picture! Thanks to whoever the heck took it, as I totally just borrowed this off facebook. :P

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