Wednesday, April 15, 2015

April Update

Helloooooooo! Being on hiatus makes me sad, but rest assured I have been generating lots of content just for you! Hats, shoes, armor and more! The new posting schedule is now every other Thursday, starting this week.

I just handed in my independent study for marking today. Which means I am super close to finishing my degree! And I am super excited to be finishing my degree, because I am really done with school at this point. School is for chumps.

The Phoenix (as I have been calling it) is getting there. The armor is built (though still needs a paint job), and the rest of the costume pieces (wig, tunic, pants, shoes, etc.) can be started. I desperately need to take a break from working on this, though. There are some pieces I want to re-work/redo.  I am hoping to debut the costume as some point this summer, though I don't know what con that will be...

I am excited to resume working on Toph and Vaporeon. Hoping to get both of them finished for Anime North.

In other news, Mike aka EleventhPhotograph moved to Japan to teach English, leaving me woefully photographer-less. :'( I'm gonna miss that guy! If anyone has a good photographer to refer me to for this con season (probably someone local, because Mike was also my roadtrip buddy) who would be interested in shooting with me, or if you yourself would like to offer up your photography services, let me know! (Paid opportunity, of course!)

I can't believe is almost con season again? (Though for some con season has already begun!)

In other other news I have a few shows/exhibits coming up?!

Firstly, I will be having one of my pieces on display in an exhibit at the Textile Museum of Canada. The exhibit is Making History, and includes the best projects from my Costume History class, where we had to recreate a historic garment/technique/photograph.  I built a 1800s style kilt, with my partner Katie (who built a 1600s style Great Kilt). Both will be on display at the museum starting this weekend!

Secondly, my Grad Show, Create is happening on the 23rd! My armor project will be on display, as well as my fellow classmates' cool projects. Feel free to come and support our graduating class--there will be food and drinks, admission is $10!

Finally, images of my set design for My Fair Lady are being included in the Ryerson University exhibit/installation for Prague Quadrennial in June (in Czech Republic!). The exhibition looks like it is going to be pretty fantastic! I have decided to go and I am very much looking forward to it. :D I am turning it into a bit of a Eurotrip/graduation trip, so I will probably be hitting up a couple different places on my adventure--Munich, probably Nördlingen, Innsbruck and Milan! If there are any costumers/cosplayers in those cities that want to meet up, let me know!

Lots of good stuff to look forward to! Cheerio!

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