Sunday, March 15, 2015

March Update

Hey all! These past few months have been pretty crazy, going from one project to the next, I haven't had any time to write some real content for the blog. And won't until May or June probably. Let's be honest. I've been far too busy at work constructing my projects for school.

I suppose it's time to reveal my current project: my Independent Study! This is an original design costume for a project that is essentially the Theatre School equivalent of a "thesis". Basically a final project. My main focus of the project is creating the armor, which is what my independent study is on. The rest of the costume will come later. :) This is going to be my introduction to Worbla, so get excited everybody!

In other news, my set design for My Fair Lady got accepted to our Ryerson Theatre School student exhibit at Prague Quadrennial, so I will be traveling to Prague this summer to do a short presentation and see the rest of the Exhibition! Super excited! :D Not bringing the model itself, just images. (Thank god! As I can barely bring that thing on the subway let alone on an airplane!) Only needs some minor adjustments in order to meet the standards.

For the next bit, most of my updates will be progress pictures posted on my facebook and instagram pages! Take a look there!

See you on the other side...

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