Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Costume-Con 32

Just had a fabulous weekend at Costume-Con 32!

I really loved the calm, open atmosphere. Everyone was very friendly and willing to talk about their costumes! In a way I preferred the demographic that attended this convention much more than that of Anime North. Overall the attendees were more mature, and very relaxed, whereas the AN crowd tends to be much younger and frenzied.

I bought some coutil for my next 2 corsets I have planned. (In theory I will be making these sometime this summer.)

Wore my Eleventh Doctor coat with some more casual clothes underneath. I was on the "Intro to Tailoring Panel", which went fine overall, though I felt quite out of my depth. I went to the Single Pattern Contest and Monster Social in the evening. It was really cool to see the different things the contestants made with the few selected patterns. The Monster Social was a really cool event, that worked really well for a con of this size.

Although I was unable to finish the embroidered panel, which was to be the centerpiece of this costume, I still wore the rest of my Elven Archer original design costume. I did not compete in the Fantasy/Sci-Fi Masquerade, but I did go to watch it and it was absolutely amazing! Congratulations to all the entrants, your hard work really showed! Other than that I attended some really interesting panels.

I wore my new Steampunk Corset & Neckpiece. I won a Hall Costume Award for the ensemble, which was unexpected, but made me really happy! I attended the Future Fashion Show and the Historical Masquerade. It was cool to see the variety of costumes and eras represented in the Historical Masq. I went to a few panels, they were pretty good.

I wore my Kero gijinka costume, which was its Canadian debut (previously worn at Otakon in Baltimore). I was on the "Cool Anime Costumes" panel, which was surprisingly well attended for 10am on Monday morning! The panel went really well, so that was good. Brought in some costume pieces to show. (Because panels are always better with things for people too touch/look at.) Went to a Game of Thrones Costumes panel, maybe someday I will make something from that series... Someday.

Overall, I really enjoyed Costume-Con. I picked up many good tips and ideas over the weekend and I am more motivated than ever to start working on new things! Looking forward to Costume-Con 35, which will be held in Hamilton, Ontario!

Pictures of my outfits are coming soon!

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