Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Wooden Night Table

Before we get into all of the costume/fabric stuff for this season, here are some pictures of my final project for scenic construction this term. This piece was done as a commission for a friend of mine, as I had no need for any more furniture in my house. It's my own design, made to fit the needs of my friend: 1 drawer, 1 shelf, with a specific width and height to work with her room. It's made of poplar (except for the inside of the drawer, which is made of plywood.)

The big flat pieces are all biscuit-joined together, and much of the assembly (for the corners) was done with wood glue and a brad nailer with a few carefully placed screws for extra support. The majority of my pieces were cut with the chop-saw or the radial arm saw. Lots of sanding to make the piece smooth and even. The curved edges on the top were cut with a jigsaw. The rounded edge on the drawer was done with a router. It was finished with a clear eurythane coating (two coats with sanding in between). I had a lot of fun making this piece! I particularly enjoyed using the lathe to make the fancy round pieces on the front (which provide minimal structural support, but look darn cool!).

PS: I got an A+ and it's going in the "Greatest Hits" book. ;D

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