Sunday, February 10, 2013

February Update - Blogiversary!

So today Among Bobbins and Thread turns 2! How time flies! Hard to believe I have been doing this for 2 years already...

Some stats for those who are interested: We now sit at 8663 pageviews, more than double what  had last year! My record for most pageviews in a month was broken 4 times this past year, and now sits at an astonishing record of 1166 hits in October 2012. (All you people looking for Halloween costume ideas, eh?) Thanks guys for all you support. :D

Our top 5 viewing countries are now as follows:
Canada: 3550 pageviews
USA: 2151 pageviews
Germany: 519 pageviews
Russia: 380 pageviews
UK: 271 pageviews

My "Ginny Weasley Hogwarts Robes" is still my most viewed post, but now my Cosmo Wig and 10th Doctor Wig follow closely behind. "Ginny weasley wig" is now the most used search phrase to find my blog.

This past year has been a fabulous year, full of some great projects! The highlights would most certainly be Alice in Wonderland, Cosmo, and the Katamari cousins, Nickel in particular. But for me, I was really excited to delve deeper into learning how to build LED circuits, petticoats, mascot heads and how to operate power tools! The skills that I have picked up in the past year will propel me towards more complicated projects in the future. >:D

Excited for the coming year, learning from experience that keeping potential projects under wraps is best just in case they don't pan out, but current projects that I am working on include Jack Frost from Rise of the Guardians and finishing Presea from Tales of Symphonia. Those will certainly be debuting for the spring/summer convention season. The rest of my cosplay projects will be kept secret for now, but in the coming months you will be seeing a fair amount of original clothing projects that I have been working on in the past months. :)

If you guys want to get more frequent progress pics of things I am working on, become a facebook fan!

Look forward to year 3! And once again, thanks for all the support! :D

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