Sunday, January 15, 2012

Panda Bag

So here's a look at how I made this adorable panda bag. It is based on a doodle I drew in class. :)

I redrew the pattern at full size, and cut the pattern pieces out. Keeping in mind that the pieces that will get applied to the front don't need seam allowance.

I cut out the ears next, and made sure to cut out a layer of interfacing too.

Next I cut out 2 pieces for the top panel (same length as the zipper), sewing them together in preparation for adding in the zipper. 

I also cut out some fabric for the lining, and interfacing. 

I pinned it in place, then basted the zipper in place. And then I sewed the zipper in for real.

I appliqued the face on to the front of the back. 

I added in the nose details.

Then I sewed the ears together, clipped, and turned them inside out.

Next I measured for the inner pocket. 
I finished off the edge for the pocket.

I measured the rest of the perimeter of the bag and cut out the remaining bottom piece in my black fabric, interfacing, and lining.

Then I sewed the bottom piece to the top on one end, forming a long strip of fabric.

I also sewed the inner pocket to the back piece. 

I clipped the ears to allow them to stretch and be sewn in on a curve. 

I also stitched the lining to the front piece, keeping the ears out of the way while I did so.

I finished off the first inner seam with bias tape. 

I then sewed the side strip to the front piece. Then I closed the strip into a loop.

Then I pinned and stitched it to the back piece. 

Beautiful! And then I had trouble getting the zipper open from the inside... XD

I then finished all the inner seams with bias tape. 
Gorgeous! Then I made the strap.
Next time I would use more interfacing in the ears, and main pieces so that it doesn't fold in on itself as much when there is nothing inside.

Next up: Mum's jumper! ;D

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