Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Steampunk Necklaces & Lolita Hair Clips

Here is my collection of steampunk necklaces that I made and sold at FanExpo. It was my first attempt at jewellery making, so I think I did pretty well considering.the colour is a little flat in these pictures unfortunately.

This first design is by far my favourite. I was sad to see it go... I like the asymmetrical design. :D Really nice in copper. I made a similar one in bronze as well, but I don't have any pictures of it.

This one with the keyhole, also in a nice copper colour, is still for sale. Contact me if you are interested in purchasing it. 20$

My bronze keyhole (above right) and bronze key (below) necklaces are also still for sale. I am willing to modify the ribbon if anyone is interested. (20$ each, but anyone interested in buying 2 I will cut you a deal, 35$ for 2 necklaces.)

I will probably make some more for the next con, perhaps try some more interesting designs.

Next up here are my 'Elegant Mini' lolita hair clips. I'm currently all sold out of these, but will deinitely make more for the next con seeing how they were such a big hit. Fairly easy to make, and I managed to sustain only minimal burns. XD

 These were made with the leftover bits of materials.

Here was my setup at our Sweet Geeks table.

 Sweet Geeks now has a facebook fanpage! Be sure to like us! ;D Look for us at FanExpo 2012~!

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