Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Hey guys.

You may have wondered what happened to me. Answer: I got too busy with school. D: Posting to this blog is a lot of work.

I feel I have kind of strayed from my roots here. When I first made this blog, I was not really sure what all exactly I was going to post. My original intent was to focus on my sewing stuff, and my art, with a little photography on the side. But somehow over the course of a few months the focus shifted to my photography, and I never posted any art. Many people have told me that my title is misleading and it is hard to find my costuming and sewing work, which is what they came to look at in the first place. :( And I have to agree.

So after much consideration I came to this conclusion: I am divorcing my photography from this blog. The old posts shall remain, but it shall no longer continue to be posted here. My sewing and costuming work is now taking main priority.

Though, for those of you that came to this blog because of my photography, fear not. It is not being axed, merely separated. It shall given it's own blog. :D I am still thinking of a name, but it shall be booted up come November. Continuing on with my UK trip, and followed by Tremblant and Montreal.

...because I'm so busy that I think having 2 blogs will be easier? XD

I am taking name suggestions right now, so feel free to suggest something! :D

As for what I've been up to? School, school and more school. Oh, and projects. Lots of projects.

In other news, I am deciding my cons for this summer, and I think I am finally going to attend one outside of Canada! :D Baltimore make way, this year I am going to (hopefully) attend Otakon!!! >:D Also attending Anime North, and FanExpo Canada as usual! Excited!!! :D

Lots of costume ideas for this summer. We are proceeding as planned with our Katamari group for Anime North, but I am planning another couple of (more portable) costumes as well.

Anyway, better get back to work. Hopefully you will see the rest of my FanEx stuff before the end of the month!

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