Thursday, May 12, 2016

May Update

Salutations! In case you did know, I moved across the country for a temporary contract job in Alberta. Yay for work in my field! But downsizing my life to fit in suitcases is difficult.

I've been so busy with packing and moving that I haven't done much posting this past month or so, but I did manage to do a major overhaul of the blog and fix tons of broken image links before I left home. I've got a few more small things lined up for the next few months (my hats and some small DIY projects), but nothing super major, as I have caught up on most of my major cosplay projects at this point.

Still settling in here. As of yesterday, I now finally have an internet connection! In the process of setting up my little work space in my apartment so I can work on stuff for Otakuthon--waiting on my serger to arrive and still working on getting a sewing machine. Specifically working on Leia. Be excited. ;D

Still a little sad I am missing AN this year... sigh. :( I will live. Being a productive member of society sometimes has to take priority.

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