Wednesday, September 9, 2015

FanExpo 2015

I attended my last con for the season: FanExpo! This was my 11th (or was it my 12th?) year attending this con. Of all the cons I go to, I have to say that this one has the best/most interesting Artist Alley. It's the only reason why I still attend. I only attended on the Thursday night, but since I can see all I want to see in under 4 hours and still have time to chat with friends, it worked out perfectly for me. The lineup to get in was quite short and it wasn't overly crowded, so I was able to navigate the con floor easily and see what I wanted without too much hassle.

The Thursday night ticket is by far the most economical. If you divide the ticket price by how many hours it gets you admission for--Thursday you pay 25$ for 5 hours, while Sunday you pay 45$ for 7 hours. Say what? However, there really are no guests on Thursday night, so providing you are not there to see any celebrities, Thursday is the best night to go. (And so long as it doesn't also conflict with your job.)
Since a lot of my costumes are either large, heavy or too warm I decided to throw together a lolita outfit to wear for the evening. You may recognize some elements from other steampunk/lolita outfits I have put together before. Most noticeably I wore my High Waisted Tree Branch Skirt, which I hadn't worn for quite some time! I borrowed the amazingly fluffy petticoat from my sister's Sakura costume to make it even more pouffy.

I enjoyed my evening very much! It was nice to hang out with Elemental at her table, and also see some of my other artist friends!

On an interesting note, the last time I was in that building was for a marketing exam. It was really surreal to see the space that is usually the dealers room filled with endless rows of desks...

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